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"As featured in School Matters, #9 June 11, 2004"
Our premier product line, the STAGEPAKTM system will revolutionise the staging market. Its versatility and portability are truly unmatched.

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STAGEPAK uses 75% less storage space!!

Other available stage boxes cannot be safely stacked/tiered when in use.

STAGEPAK can be layered safely allowing pupils to be arranged in tiered rows.

STAGEPAK units are designed to interlock with each other both vertically and horizontally. The range of structures made possible by this feature (coupled with a choice of colours) is limited only by the imagination. As well as this, the deck clips onto the walls allowing the units to be used as stackable storage boxes.
The STAGEPAK Assembly Process
To assemble STAGEPAK, each of the four sides are hooked in together to form the shape of a parallelogram. The shape is then adjusted to a square to lock the sides together. The deck then secures the sides in place
While traditional stage boxes are rigid and usually larger and bulkier, STAGEPAK can be easily disassembled into its component pieces for easy storage and / or transport. The saving in space achieved after STAGEPAK units have been dismantled is a whopping 80%

Schools, halls, clubs, or any organisation requiring the occasional use of staging for special events no longer have to dedicate a significant amount of cubic space to storage. They can also dispense with the need to hire professionals to set up stages because the STAGEPAK system has been designed in such a way that children can easily assemble and disassemble complicated structures from catwalks to tiered stages.

STAGEPAK components are all manufactured from injection moulded UV stabilized polypropylene which gives them a strong, hard-wearing but light-weight frame.

The versatility of STAGEPAK is unmatched by any existing product.

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